New Challenges

Back in October last year I was asked to be an assistant leader with a Rainbow unit in my area, I had only worked with Brownies before so I was unsure as I always thought that the age would be far to young for me to deal with. But with the loss of all their leaders in such a small period of time, I stepped up to the new challenge.

Looking back then, I never realised how much is would change what I do in Girl Guiding.

Around a month after that, the main leader to the group had to leave due to heavy work commitments, and I was then asked to take on the unit full time until she returned. Again being very reluctant to wanting to take this on, but I knew someone had to do it, and the girls had slowly grown on me over the past few weeks. Over this time I was in charge of planning meetings, earning badges, greeting new Rainbows and saying goodbye to those going up into Brownies.

From what first started as a part time help while other leaders were being brought in turned into me leading the unit for over 5 months. All I can say is that is was the best few months of my life and I feel like I finally found my place in Girl Guiding.

When the time came for the main leader who I had taken over the unit with the come back I was slightly sad as I knew I would have to take a step back into my assistant leader role. I didn’t voice this as I wasn’t leaving the unit so I would still get to see my favourite girls on a weekly basis.

After 5 months of leading, I was ready to lead my last session before handing it back over, I had voiced that I would like to keep a high active role in badges and running meetings and all the other stuff that people find boring.

Before this session, I was approached by the other leader who asked if I would like to take over the unit full time and she would move down into the Brownie Unit that runs at the same time as us. I was over the moon. Honestly I don’t think that I could have been happier.

At only 19 years old, I have taken on the full ownership of a Rainbow Unit, we are currently in the process of moving me in, so getting my name on the accounts, teaching myself how to use Go and Join Us! and working towards getting my Rainbow Leadership as soon as possible, which shouldn’t take long as I now have 6 months of experience behind me to cover criteria.

The next few months is going to be challenging, getting myself into the full swing of things, but I am getting ahead of myself and organising everything that I can. Which is my way of handling a stressful situation.

This blog is going to be my experience of taking on full leadership of a Rainbow unit and all the stories that come along with the journey. All I can say is…

I can’t wait.


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