Our Circle Blanket

Being a leader, you know very well how hard it is to get the girls to sit in a circle. I found this incredibly challenging with my Brownies, and even more difficult when I ask the Rainbows to sit or stand in a circle. It ends up looking somewhat like an oval, but most of the time it’s just a squiggle.

As we broke for the Easter Half Term, I was on Facebook looking through the support groups and came across a unit that used a large circle blanket at the base of the their circle. They sew all the badges they earn as a unit onto the blanket for the girls to look as while sat in a circle.

I fell in love with this idea and I was instantly on amazon ordering the biggest piece of red material I could find. The next two weeks were then spent cutting and sewing the edge of the blanket and t hen sewing on a blue ribbon to make it look like as close to an official Rainbow blanket that I could.

With 10 needle punctured figures later and hours of time watching Criminal Minds, I had finally created my blanket. I sewed on the badges we had spare, but there are still a few generic badges I need to get from the guiding shop to sew onto the blanket. But I was very impressed with the outcome.


I was very excited to show the girls what I had made when we went back after Easter last week. We made sure that everyone understood that this is something for the girls to enjoy so no ruining the blanket by picking at it or walking on it.

But the real question was, did it work? First thing was the blanket was too small to comfortable sit all the girls around, but we discussed that we would all stand up around the blanket and take one step back before sitting down. I can honestly tell you now, it works a charm!

I made sure that all the girls were inline with me and matched the distance away from the blanket, and they seemed to really enjoy seeing the badges we earned. We only had a few issues of girls who wanted to lean in and touch the blanket, but I am sure we can work on that in the upcoming weeks.

One this I haven’t thought of yet is how I can incorporate this into our moving up ceremony. We already have the girls walking under a Ribbon Rainbow held up by the other members of the unit.


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