Using Go and Join-Us

So, I have been in Girl Guiding for almost 4 years now, starting at a young leader then working up to my full leadership. But I always worked as a secondary helper in my local Brownie Unit, meaning I dealt with the kids, did activities but Brown Owl dealt with go, and moving the Brownies around so I never really looked at the system.

Since taking on my own Rainbow Unit, this has meant I need to control who comes and goes through my unit and that’s all done through go. So the past few weeks have been spent getting my head around the system, which ended up being a lot easier to use than I initially thought.

Myself and my district commissioner sat down last night and walked through the whole process of how the girls went from being assigned, to the waiting list, to the joining list and into the unit.

Within 24 hours of knowing how to use the system, I have a specified email address for contacting parents, and I have already email 2 parents who has been assigned to my unit.

I think I am getting the stuff down to a tee.

Now I just have to learn how to use cheque books and paying in books…


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