30th Birthday Card Swap

Alike thousands of Rainbow units around the world, the 5th Birkenhead North Rainbows are participating in the 30th Birthday Card Swap this year as part of celebrating Rainbows turning 30 years old. We joined the Facebook group which had been set up and discussed to swap with 18 different units from around the world.

Facebook is always great for getting ideas from other units, so when we saw that units were displaying the cards they received on a map, I just had to take that idea up. So I ordered a world map, and printed some fun decorations to go around our map and we were ready to go.


Once we had our map set up and ready for the girls to see, we got ready to visit our local post box and send out the cards that we had created as a unit. The girls got into pairs and we set off on our little adventure. This was something incredibly different for the girls and they enjoyed it a lot. We took photos of our small adventure to display at the end of the term but due to the girls faces being in them, I cannot post them.

When we returned to the hall, we sat down and opened some of the cards we had already received in the post. Going down the register, the girls were able to open them one by one and display them on our board.

The girls loved opening the cards from around the world and looking at some of the badges we received. We still have so many more cards to come and the girls are s excited to work towards our birthday badges this term.



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