Managing My Time as a Leader

Being a Rainbow leader isn’t the easiest thing in the world, it takes a lot of planning and managing, especially if you want to make each evening something special. So being a Rainbow Leader and a Brownie Leader is manic. Although I do not plan as much for Brownies, I still have certain activities I need to plan and I also manage the accounts.

With meeting alone this takes up 2 nights of my week, I have a full time job so I work Monday – Friday 8am-4pm and I am 20 years old so my social life is at an all time high, with going on holiday, going out on weekends and making memories.

I also forgot to mention that the out of the 5 week day evenings, the two I am not running a Rainbow or a Brownie Unit, two of the other days I am at a Mixed Martial Arts Class. So my weeks currently look like this…

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8am – 4pm Work Work Work Work Work / Social Life
4pm – 5pm Travel / Eat Travel / Eat Travel / Eat Travel / Eat Travel / Eat Social Life
5pm – 7pm Martial Arts Brownies Martial Arts Rainbows Social Life /
7pm onwards / / / / /

This doesn’t include time for hobbies such as reading, watching TV shows and writing. So if you can’t already tell it gets tiring, trying to fit in time to go shopping for supplies, or get to my local guiding shop (which is two hours on the bus may I add). Never mind putting all the supplies together and making sure everything is in order.

But I find my ways and here are some of the ways that I do that.

First thing, my job is very lenient meaning I can start work earlier and finish work earlier which allows me to each before leaving the house again, leaving me as much time as I need when I get home. As well as this, I put 20 minutes in each morning to update accounts, check go, make sure I know what I am doing this week in my units and email parents if I need to. This is normally done before any of my team gets in.

Sometimes my social life isn’t as exciting or people are on holiday or the weather is bad, so I try and squeeze as much into those days as possible. If I know I have a free day at the weekend, I will wake up nice and early, set up my supplies around me, put my favourite TV show on and get working.

Here I will try and plan at least 3-4 weeks in advanced, to make sure that I have a leeway in the future and I don’t have to miss out on things because I have planning to do. I will also try and get to the guide shop if I can, as we as busy supplies, write letters and print materials 3 weeks in advanced.

These days are often very productive and I always thank myself for them in the future when I don’t have time. It means I won’t have to be thinking to myself ‘have I planned that?’ or ‘oh I should be getting home, I haven’t planning for this weeks Rainbow meeting’.

I also try to keep all my supplies / resources organised in files and bags to ensure that I know where everything is and I can just pick it up and go when I need to. It also gives me a piece of mind knowing where everything is and that I have is all organised and sorted.

Sometimes this all doesn’t work and I can fall behind on things, but if I stick to my ways, this rarely happens.

My family was worried that I was going to have guiding take over my life and that was all I focused on, but I wasn’t going to let that happen. I manage to get my planning etc. done, have a social life, work full time, attend martial arts and still do my hobbies.


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