Moving Up Ceremonies

Last week I completed my second moving up to Brownies ceremony. Having never done this before, I was really nervous to how it was done and with taking over a new unit I knew that I would have to adapt to their style.

As I am also a Brownie Leader, I have only ever seen girls come up from Rainbows but know that nothing special happens as a unit to celebrate them growing up. But the unit I took over does something completely different.

As Brownies and Rainbows runs at the same time in this unit, at the beginning of the meeting the moving up Rainbows come into the Rainbow hall as normal and their parents are invited to come with them. The Rainbows that are then not moving up share different coloured ribbon between them and create a rainbow for the girls to go under.

When Brownies are ready, Brown Owl comes up and asks if the girls are ready and the rainbows sing their rainbows song while the older Rainbows go under their Rainbow for the last time. At the end of the rainbow they are presented with their pot of gold from myself and a bit congratulations for reaching the end of their rainbow.


This is always so magical for everyone involved, even the girls who are not moving up as they are part of the ceremony.

I always struggle talking in front of the parents as I am still getting use to these ceremonies so I am not 100% sure on what to say, however I suck it up and continue through until the end.

It’s such a lovely and celebratory way for the now new Brownies to leave their Rainbow unit.


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