30th Birthday Party Planning

It is finally coming to the time were the world is celebrating Rainbows turning 30 years old with challenge badges, card swaps and activities. I recently shared with you that we are involved in the birthday card swap and that we plan to take part in one of the challenge badges that is circulating the community.

But like most of the units around the UK we are also planning to hold a birthday party. Being part of the support groups on facebook means that I have seen some of the amazing birthday parties that have taken place so far. What I have seen is parties being held on a weekend with DJ’s huge amounts of food and presents.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time as a leader to plan a party that extravagant, however we are planning our own extended rainbow party on the last evening this term. Here are some of the ideas that I have for our birthday party evening.

 1. Invite the Parents 

I think having the parents around will be fun for the Rainbows and the parents to see what the Rainbows have been up to during the term and I also wanted to turn it into a ceremony for them to see their daughters awarded with the badges they achieved and have some time with their girls in Rainbows.

2. Photo Bunting

Throughout the term while we complete the badges and send our birthday cards I will be photographing the meetings white we are going to print and put into bunting. Not only this but we will be handing out ‘newsletters’ with the photos and information of the activities and what the girls thought. By filling our hall with these photos it will remind the girls of everything they done for the birthday and allow the parents to see their girls in action.

3. Rainbow Photoshoot

I want the girls to have something to take home from the party as a memory so I plan on setting up our own photo booth with a Rainbow ribbon background and ballons as well as different signs for the girls to hold. I have a friend who owns a professional camera who will let us borrow it for the evening, Then after the summer break we will give all the rainbow the photos that they took with their family and other rainbow friends.

4. Goodie Bags

Like any good party we plan to give each Rainbow a party bag to take home with Rainbow themes goodies and gifts such as rainbow drops, skittles, pencils etc. and of course each girl will get a rainbow cupcake instead of us buying a large cake and having to divide it up.

Like any other party we will be serving drinks for both parents and Rainbows, having music for the girls to dance to and different activities for the girls to take part in either outside (weather depending) or in other areas of the community hall.

I have all these ideas running around my head, hopefully it all goes to plan and we have a great evening for all. It’s just the planning and organisation that is going to take some time. But I am incredibly excited.


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