Last Minute Planning

I have never been one for last minute planning, I always try my best to get my meetings planned and organised the weekend before the meeting happens. This way I can ensure I have anything and sleep peacefully the week before.

However this week was not that case. Due to a major binge watching of Criminal Minds over the weekend, I did not manage to leave the house, meaning that supplies for this weeks meeting were bought online. Luckily for me, I have Amazon Prime, meaning that if the item qualifies I get free next day delivery which can be a saviour sometimes.

So I bought this weeks resources with Amazon Prime, and they have been being delivered over the past 3 days. This week we are continuing with our Roundabout Global Adventure by making Daffodil flowers, and using chopstick (which reminds me, I need to go the shop to buy small sweets on the way to Rainbows this evening).

Making daffodils means that I had to pre cut 20 daffodil shapes onto yellow card, and 60 leaves onto green card for the girls to work on. I also needed to cut up a lot of yellow and orange pieces of crape paper for the girls to stick onto their flowers and make their designs.

Stupidly I had left this all until last night to do, when I said I did it, I really mean my mum. She works in a primary school so is a pro at cutting out pieces of card and kindly offered to cut all my resources up for me while I was at martial arts last night.

This morning I managed to plan a lot of resources that need printing over this term so all I need to do it hit print. Some need some extra work, but hopefully last minute planning will not be an issue for a long time.


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