Rainbows Roundabout Global Adventure #1

This week the Rainbows started their Roundabout Global Adventure Badge, following last week where we let the girls choose the activities they wanted to complete to gain the badge. The majority of the votes always went to the baking activities, but I thought we would leave these until next week as it is the last week of this half term.

The first activity we looked at was for the look portion of the badge, we decided to make our own daffodils to represent the Welsh Emblem. Using card, crape paper and some green pipe cleaners the girls were able to make some incredible daffodils.


However I did not expect this activity to take so long for some of the girls. We had half of the room complete within 15 minutes, including a lot of 5 year olds, and then some of the older ones who had to take an extra 15 minutes to be able to complete them even with the help of leaders.

This often happens with girls finishing earlier than others, and most of the time they end up messing around instead of helping tidy up, so I think I need to put together a way of keeping the girls who finish early occupied while the other girls finish. (I will do that for next week.)

The last part of the evening was spent with chopstick races, now we don’t have a large enough hall to be able to pass balloons between the girls, even with only 13 of them. So we changed it so that the girls had to move a malteaser from one bowl to another using only the chopsticks.

Some girls got it straight away, and others took some time, but in all honesty it wasn’t the easiest thing, even for myself and I am 20 years old. But it was fun and the girls did enjoy eating the chocolate at the end, which may have been an excuse to get them to behave well!


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