Fire Station Trip



A few months ago, one of the first trips I took my Rainbows on was to our local fire station. This was been planned by another leader who unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the actual trip, but I was given the necessary information and we were ready to go.

Before we step into the building we hit a bump in the road, the fire station was not expecting us and the contact was not working on that day, but some of the fire fighters were lovely enough to show us around the building.

First he started off by showing us what happens in the building when they get an alarm come through, this was done by phoning into the operator and nicely asking them to show us what would happen. So the girls got to see the flashing lights and and we even got a momento of the call information to keep that we still have pinned up on our board.

Following this the girls got to see some of the fire men coming down the fire pole (which they do actually do, to my surprise), and later on they got to see it from the top of the pole, which was a lot higher than expected, and some of the girls were worried to see, but we all did it together and each girl got to see.

We were then shown the living area where fire fighters can sleep, eat and basically live through their 24 hour shifts. It was interesting to learn how long they work for and what their shifts are life.

After a small break for the girls to go to the toilet and sit down for a little bit, we got to the most exciting part, seeing the fire engines. The firemen were lovey enough to show the girls all the equipment kept inside a fire engine. While this was happening the girls took turns getting up into the front seat with the help of the firemen.

Then we got onto the MOST exciting part, we got to spray the hoses and these were incredibly powerful. The girls lined up patiently and took their turn in turning the hose on and off.

It was a great night enjoyed by all, including the leaders. The girls were incredibly well behaved and it’s something that they still talk about now over 6 months later. If you have a local fire station I would contact them because it’s a great night away from the meeting place.


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