Rainbows Unit Cover – Global Adventure #2

This week, I was asked to cover another local unit of mine while the leader was away on holiday. This unit runs during the hour before we meet for Brownies so it was no trouble at all as I would be at the same hall anyway.

I was given information by the leader that they were to look at passports and great their own one as they were also working on their Roundabout Global Adventure Badge. So I set to work to make the Rianbows their on passport booklets.


We started of by looking at my official passport and discussing what information you think inside a passport such as your name, photo, date of birth and location. Then we went onto discuss what the girls thought the empty pages were for, some thinking photos, others thinking tickets.

As I passed around the passport for all the girls to look at, we went onto talk about how much one of the little books would cost. We got ranges from £10 (I wish) to £100, and I think the girls were shocked to the actual price a passport costs.

Then we split the girls onto their tables and gave them their own passports to make, which included as area for a drawn picture, a name, age, date of birth and location. I also added a page for stamps which we would be using later on.


Once the passports were made we went on our own little adventure on an aeroplane, which was chairs set out on isles for the Rainbows to sit on and a drivers seat at the front. Each Rainbow had to go through check in (were they got there stamp from another leader), Security (were I used my metal detector to scan each girls, with it beeping on those that had glasses on, or promise badges), finally getting to the gate and being shown to their seat on the aeroplane by one of our young leaders.

We then told the girls that the our aeroplane only runs on imagination, so we have to believe in the place that we are going to and use our arms as wings to get there. The Rainbows went to places like Spain, Portugal and Disneyland Florida and in each location the girls had to tell me some of the things they could see (beaches, swimming pools, ice cream, Mikey Mouse).

On our way home our plane hit some turbulence which sent us bumping all over the place and left the girls in hysterics. They were they excited from the plane one row at a time.

The girls loved our plane adventure and it was a good experience to spice up the whole evening. Some of the girls even asked if they could use their passport to get on a real plane and go on their own adventure.


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