Rainbows Roundabout Global Adventure #3

This week, my Rainbows completed their last activity working towards their Global Adventure badge. The four activities the girls chose to complete where:

  • Look: Daffodil
  • Love: Leammingtons
  • Laugh: Brazilian Blessings
  • Learn: Chopstick Races

This week we made Leammingtons which are the Australian cakes. Unfortunately we could not get sponge squares for this activity and I did not have time to make a plain sponge cake to split up into squares. As well most of the girls did not like coconut, so we decided to use either sprinkles or crushed up digestives.

We turned up to the hall 45 minutes before the meeting started to of course set up and get all of the food ready for the girls to use as soon as we started the activity. This meant crushing up digestives, and pre-cleaning all the cutlery that we were planning on using.


Luckily we have a spare room in our hall so we decided to work on this activity in their so we got the tables out, and put everything that would be needed for this activity downstairs. When working on this activity the best way I found to do it was to get the girls to work on a paper plate, they wrote their names on the paper plate and took this home with them at the end of the night.

This ensured that everyone got their own cupcake, the mess on the tables was kept to a minimum and it was easier for the girls to carry at the end of the evening. The girls loved doing this activity, I think doing anything food related for them is going to be amazing.


As I was unsure how long decorating the leammingtons would take, I printed a backup activity of for the girls to do upstairs once we were finished. So when hands were washed and everything was away we headed back upstairs to learn about continents.

I found an activity colouring sheet of the continents which they had to match to the map that they had on each table, but the colours weren’t the same on both maps so they had to figure out what colours to use. It took a bit of explaining and a few re-do’s but we got there in the end and the girls seemed to enjoy it.


Once we got going with the activity, the girls enjoyed it and they all worked together to make sure they got the right ones. It was a fun evening enjoyed by all and there was even some cupcakes left for the leaders to enjoy!



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