Guiding Organisation

Recently taking over a Rainbow Unit, and being asked to run a term at Brownies means that Guiding has taken over my room. I am continuously planning, printing, cutting, stapling and doing whatever I need to do to. Now I share a room with my younger sister, and it was pretty messy anyway, so you can imagine the state that it is in now.

I found I was working out of bags and trying to find the best ways to keep things organised, which worked well, but never worked perfectly. So today I set out to buy a set of draws that I could keep all my resources and extras in without them being spread all over the house. I then came home to organise everything and this is how it turned out.


I now have everything piled neatly into three draws, with my weekly Rainbow bag (that I make myself) on the outside, and my printer sat nicely on top of a cupboard that I managed to clear.

I decided to split my draws into three sections; stationary, resources and paper / filing items. So I organised everything that would either be strewn all over the floor or piled in the many bags around my room, and this did not look pretty at all.

Now I know that it currently all looks really organised, but I can assure you that this won’t last long, as this terms goes on things will be in an out, and the resources draw will slowly start to pile up. So I must remember to clear what isn’t needed out at the end of every half term, otherwise it will grow out of control.

One thing I like about this draw set (which was £12 from Wilko) is that it has a sneaky little lid on top that opens for you to put stuff in, which is perfect for badges. This month we have over 80 badges to give out to our unit, which did not fit into my little badge pouch. So I decided to keep this terms badges hidden away in the draws until the time comes at the end of the term to need them.

thumbnail_img_4819.jpgSo hopefully I can manage to keep on top of my organisation, and my draws do not become too cluttered. But we will have to see what happens at the end of the term.


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