Rainbows 30th Birthday Badge #1

This term the Rainbows are focusing on getting their Rainbows 30th Birthday Badge, this will lead up to their birthday party which is happening at the end of July. The badge the girls will be focusing on has been produced by the Shirly District, however out of ease, the badge we will be given the girls was produce by the North West England Region.

Rainbows 30th.PNG

Tonight, we started by creating our own tiaras. Although we could not make official tiaras, we printed some look a likes on card and allowed the girls to stick whatever they wanted on them to decorate their tiaras fit for a princess.

This worked a charm as the girls were silent for almost 20 minutes straight, I honestly could not believe my eyes when they all got stuck into it. This is a group that for the past couple of month have played up, messed around and have just been generally loud.

Some of the outcomes were incredible.


Following this, we then went on to talk about Rainbow Rabbit, and how he was part of Girl Guiding when it first started in Ireland. Then as a super quick craft, we made out own rabbit noses and whiskers using some of the many lollipop sticks that we have stacked away in our craft cupboard.

One perk of being a leader if getting to try the crafts before the girls try them out.


The outcome of the evening was great fun and we even tried some new tips and tricks wit getting the girls to listen which worked a charm tonight. Overall I would say it was a pretty successful meeting.



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