Skydiving For Charity

Claire House Childrens Hospice has always been a charity that is close to my heart. I have been working closley with the charity over the past couple of years through my work placement and running the Claire House Challenge Pack with both my Brownies and Rainbows.

But I wanted to take fundraising for the charity one step futher. To do this I go involved in their Summer Solstice Skydive which took place last weekend. I have always been a thrill seaker and what better way to do it than by raising money for an incredible local charity.


Running up to the event I fundraised as hard as I could by holding bake sales in both my Brownie and Rainbow Units, asking work and family members to sponsor me and collecting any spare change I could find around the house to put into the donation tin.

Whether I just did so much running up to the event that I didn’t get chance to think about what I was doing, or if I was genuinly excited for my jump, but I did not feel one ounce of nerves about throwing myself 10,000ft out of a plane.


When the day came, I got up at 6.15am, ready for the hour long drive to tilstock airfeild. I was lucky enough to have my friends and family support me on the day.


I went through induction and practiced the important potitions that I needed to be able to complete while falling and landing, these were a lot easier to perform when not in a harness attatched to a parachute.


The time came around 11am, when I was asked to suite up and get in a rickety old plane that took me up to 10,000 ft. I went up with other professional skydivers who were jumping out at lower levels. I honestly thought that once I was in the plane that I would start to panic slightly, but I didn’t.


Even when the doors were open at a meer 1,000ft for a low jumper, nothing, I was more facinated over how incredible the ground looked from this height. So we kepy going higher and higher until it was my turn to jump. So I hung of the edge of the plane and I fell….

I have no words for how incredible it felt to be free falling at 80mph, it was one of the most exhilerating experiences of my life and I couldn’t encourage you enough to do it.

Once the parachute was out, we glided slowey to the ground, I was able to steer the parachute at times as well. Once I had landed I was amazed that I had managed to do such an incredible thing. I got back to my friends and family were I was greeted by hugs and high fives.


The days following the jump, I ws lucky enough to feature on Girl Guiding North West England’s website with an article about my jump. This is something that you can read here:

I am also extremely close to reaching my target of £450, which needs to be reached by this Saturday! So if you would like to make a last minute donation, then you can here:

Skydiving has been the best experience I could ask for, and I am very excited to be doing it again for Charity soon!




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