Where Have I Been?

Okay, I know I haven’t uploaded a post in a few of week, and honestly I did plan too. But things just started taking over and my blog just got pushed to the side. So where have I been and what have you missed? In this blog post I will be talking about where I have been and some of the achievements I made over the past couple of weeks. Some of these will be explained further in blog posts later this week.

I DID A SKYDIVE. Yes that’s right, I threw myself out of a plane at 10,000 ft with a tandem skydiver and a parachute attached to my back all to raise money for my local children’s hospice Claire House. This was exhilarating and extremely exciting and I cannot wait to do it again!


My Rainbows have carried on with their 30th Birthday badge and the birthday party it getting closer and closer, I am so excited now that everything is starting to pull together.


I went to Tenerife for a week, I got some lovely sun and a chance to relax for 7 days (even though we spend 4 of them in a water park). But all the same, it was away from the usual day-to-day life.


We have SO many exciting things coming up over the next 3 week before we break for summer and I cannot wait to share them with you all!


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