Rainbows 30th Birthday Badge #3

Last night, we went on with the activity of Rabbit Photoshoot from our 30th Birthday Pack. Prior to this, my lovely mother spent hours cutting out enough rabbit marks for the girls to have 3 different ones each.

We had three different Rabbit masks for the girls to decorate then my lovely leader helpers would stick some bamboo sticks onto them to allow the girls to hold them up infornt of their facese.


For this activity, we had glitter, sparkles and all sorts of decorations, but most of the girls seemed to go for coloured pens.

One most of them had decorated two masks and some of them had decorated all three, we got into the photoshoot portion of the evening, taking photos of the girls as a whole group, and then allowing any groups that wanted photos to come forward. We had school group photos, family photos and best friend photos.


I have to admit, the evening was a little bit chaotic, but that’s all the fun of the Rainbows experience. The girls seemed to love it too, and we even had time for a quick game at the end because the room was a lot cooler than usual due to the cold weather currently taking over the UK.

Also, last night I was presented with my Rainbows Leadership Qualification by my district comissioner. Although I knew this was coming and it was something we had to get done due to me taking over the unit at such short notice, I was still extremely pleased to get it!


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