Rainbows 30th Birthday Badge #4

Last night the Rainbows embarked on one of the last activities for our 30th Birthday Badge, which was planting sunflower seeds. We left this until last so that the girls could grow their sunflower grow over their summer holidays.

We set up with a lot of newspaper and putting the soil into bowls so the girls could easily get into the bowls with either their hands or spoons.

thumbnail_IMG_5222For each girl we gave them a small pot, soil, a spoon, a display stick and two seeds to plant into the soil.  We offered the girls to either use the spoons or their hands to shovel the mud into their plant pots and we had such a mixed response with half using spoons and half getting stuck in with their hands.


We worked through the planting in stages to keep all the girls going at the same speed and it was easier to control them. Luckily we were in the larger hall this eavening, meaning that the smell of Soil did not take over the small hall we usualy meet in.


We had soil everywhere and not matter how much newspaper we used, nothing stopped this soil from getting on the floor and the tables. But a quick clean up between activities by my young leaders made all the difference.

The girls really enjoyed planting sunflowers, even though they were hesitant at first due to soil being involved. But in the end all turned out well.


Following this I went off with the 6 girls making their promises in a couple of weeks time to talk to them about their promise and what it involves making their promise and how the ceremony will go. The other girls spent their time decorating our bunting for the birthday party in a couple weeks time.

Then we all got back together and did a group promise activity which I found on one of the Rainbow Support Groups on Facebook. This included each girl getting one word of the promise at Random and having to get themselves into order, it went extremely fast so we did some more promise practicing as a group before we finished.


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