Rainbows 30th Birthday Party

After months of planning and getting my Rainbows excited, our Rainbows 30th Birthday Party finally arrived, and it arrived in style. Over the past few weeks, party decorations have started piling up in my bedroom at home. From streamers, to party bags, to balloons, we had it all! If I am being completely honest my room looks bare and empty without it all now, but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t do it all over again.

Rainbows meets on a Thursday evening, and this week we extended out meting by 30 minutes to allow for the party, ceremonies, badge giving and more. When Wednesday evening came it was time to kick everything into action. It started at 4pm after work, were I left to head up get our 30th Birthday Cupcakes that had been specially made for our party.

Following this, I headed into town where I met my younger sister (who runs the unit with me) and we headed off to get a large 30 balloon. We then struggled onto a busy bus in the rain during rush hour to get these things home before I had to head out to Martial Arts.


Luckily due to my job, I am able to work from home and do flexible hours. So when the Thursday came, I was awake at 7pm preparing for the party later on in the day and I was able to head out of the house at 2.30pm to set up.

Me and Sophie spent the morning moving all the goodies from my bedroom upstairs to the main area downstairs. We then procceded to string around 50 photos onto ribbon to hand as bunting because they had arrived in the post that day and then blow up 50 rainbow coloured balloons to place around the hall. Luckily my sister is a saint and is able to tie balloons like a pro, while I sat there with a hand pump getting ready to hand to the balloons to her.


With 50 balloons, over 100 ft of bunting and streamers ready to put up, everything looked like it was set. Now we just had the task of getting it up to the hall because neither of us drive. Luckily my dad works but a minibus company and was able to come and pick us up with a bus in between shifts. So I spent the whole journey in the back making sure that nothing was going to fall off seats and get ruined.


We arrived at the hall about 3pm with everything in and it was time to get going because we only had 3 hours before the party started. Sophie went upstairs to take down all the ribbon, cards and world map from the notice board where we tracked what cards we received and where they came from. While Sophie did this, I worked on setting up our photo by hanging up a white bed sheet along with bunting and props.


Following this we stuck up different ribbons and streamers and balloons along the hall in a Rainbow pattern, this included a lot of tape, teamwork and getting on and off of chairs throughout the hall. But it works and it looked brilliant.


We then pinned up all out cards and the bunting that the girls had made earlier on in the term. We also hung the photos bunting along the end of the hall for the girls to see.IMG_5386IMG_5393IMG_5382

Finally with about 20 minutes to spare we were finished setting up.

The girls started arriving at 6pm and we started the evening as normal sat around our circle blanket. We discussed the rules of the party and what was going to be happening at the end, then the girls were free to do what they liked.

Throughout the party the girls used the photo booth, played games, danced and sung. It was manic, but we did it and I think all the leaders had some fun in the process.

We had invited the parents to arrive at 7.10pm to watch 6 rainbows and 2 leaders make their promise as well as all the Rainbows receive their badges from the term and even some special badges were given out. It was nice to involved the parents at the end of the term as they got to see everything that we did throughout the term and celebrate the birthday with us.

Once all the girls had their badges, we sung happy birthday to Rainbows, gave out party crowns, cakes and goodie bags the set the girls off to the parents.


It was lovely to receive so many thank yous from Rainbows and Parents at the end of the party as it made the whole thing worth the while.

Once all the families has left, Sophie then had the joy of running down the hall with her in the air and rip down all the balloons, streamers and ribbon that we spent an hour putting up! But that was her fun of the evening.


Everyone really enjoyed the birthday party and all the excitements for the term has come to an end. I am grateful for a bliss 6 weeks off from Rainbows now, although as much as I would like to think I won’t touch anything Girl Guiding related for that time, I can tell you now I am already planning a Rainbow ‘sleepover’ for the first term back in September.



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