Olivia On Tour


Over the past couple of weeks, our mascot, Rainbow Olivia has been on a little trip around Europe. Being lucky enough to visit 3 cities in 3 countries, Olivia collected loads of photos and stories to share with the Rainbows and other units. She got to visit some amazing monuments and visit some incredible museums while on her travels!


Day 1 – Manchester to Paris:

Being up at 1.30am was hard for Olivia after only having a couple of hours sleep. But she headed to the Airport for her 6am flight to Paris.

Olivia spent a lovely 90 minutes in the air before she arrived at Paris CDG Airport and headed straight for her hotel!

Due to how tired she was and the hectic day she had planned next Olivia took a nap…. well a 13 hour nap.

Day 2 – Disneyland Paris

Olivia then spent a whopping 13 hours in Disneyland, going on rollercoasters, meeting characters and watching fireworks displays.

Day 3 – Paris

Her first real day in central Paris was spent climbing up 400 steps to the top of the Arc De Triomph, visiting the Eiffel Tower and taking a lift up to the top and visiting the outer part of the Louvre Museum.

Day 4 – Paris

Olivia’s final full day in Paris was spent visiting the Notre Dame, queuing 3 hours to get into the Paris Catacombs, and then a further 3 hours watching the sun go down and waiting for the Eiffel Tower to come on (spoiler alert, it never did).

Day 5 – Paris to Brussels

Today she travelled 90 minutes on a Thalys train from Paris to Brussels. It was super fast and really comfy. Olivia then arrived at the flat we had in Brussels and slept for the rest of the day.


Day 6 – Brussels

Her first full day in Brussels we spent exploring, finding what there was to see and do, we ventured into many comic book shops and found the Central Square.

Day 7 – Brussels

On Olivia’s last day in Brussels, she wasn’t so lucky with the weather. The rain came down heavy. But despite the rain she managed to do a hop on hop off bus tour, visit the Atomiom, and walk around Mini Europe.

Day 8 – Brussels to Amsterdam

Today was her final trip to Amsterdam. She got up early and headed for the Train station. When Olivia arrived she realised that we had accidentally booked first class so Olivia lived in luxury for two hours! Once she arrived in Amsterdam Olivia went to find the IAmsterdam sign and headed back for an early night.

Day 9 – Amsterdam

Her first day in Amsterdam was filled with weirdness as she headed to Ripleys Believe it or Not museum, and found a rainbow coloured tram that roamed the city. Olivia also took an evening canal cruise to see some of the sites.

Day 10 – Amsterdam

The final day spent in Amsterdam was filled to the brim with excitement. Olivia started with the Van Goh Museum, then headed to the A’Dam Lookout where she swung of the edge of the tallest building and finished in an Ice Bar where she was frozen solid while drinking orange juice.

Olivia was lucky enough to find a rainbow coloured IAmsterdam sign that we managed to get a couple of photos of before heading to the hotel for our final nights sleep.

Day 11 – Amsterdam to Manchester

After a fun-filled 10 days travelling, Olivia was well and truly ready to head home! She has loads of stories to tell the Rainbows, and even brought back some badges for our Unit Blanket!


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