My Ultimate List of Rainbows Resources

I left Rainbows after our 30th Birthday Party in July thinking ‘wow, six weeks off, how wonderful! no rainbows or brownies to think about until september’. How very wrong I was. Most of you know that I last minute took over a Rainbow Unit last October with very little training in Rainbows. There was no handover, no documents given to me, no hints or tips, I was just thrown in and hoped for the best.

So I have spent the last 4 weeks getting the unit together and all of the documents that I need in order to run the unit as successfully as I can. This blog post is going to be my ultimate list of Rainbows Resources, this ranges from things we give to the upcoming Rainbows, exsisting Rainbows, and soon to be Brownies. As well as documents you need to run the unit.

I am going to start with the resources to run the meeting, these are things that you should have before your Rainbows even enter the unit hall.

1. Meeting Place Risk Assessment (GG)

2. First Aid Kit

3. Emergency Contact List (GG)

4. Accident or Inccident Form (GG)

5. Accident or Incident Witness Form (GG)


The following resources are used when new Rainbows join the unit.

6. New Rainbow Letter – For Parents

7. Welcome Pack – For Rainbows

Starter Pack

8. Starting Rainbows Form (GG)

9. ‘Welcome To Rainbows’ Badge (GS)

10. Promise Bagde (GS)

11. Promise Certificate (GS)

12. Rainbow Unit Name Tape


The following items are resources used for Rainbows on a regular basis while they are part of the unit.

13. Birthday Badge (6 – 7) (GS)

14. Birthday Cards (GS)

15. Olivia Badge (GS)

16. Olivia Certificate

Olivia Certificate


The final part of my list is for those Rainbows who are gaining their Pot Of Gold and moving up to Brownies.

17. Leaving Letter – For Parents

18. Ready For Rainbows Workbook – For Brownies

Ready For Brownies

19. Leaving Certificates

20. ‘I Was In Rainbows’ Badge (GS)

I Was In Rainbows

21. Pot Of Gold Badge (GS)

22. Pot Of Gold Card (GS)

Some of the items above can be found on the GirlGuiding website, others are my own resources that are created for the Rainbows themselves. The list items with (GG) at the end can be found on the GirlGuiding website, those with (GS) at the end are items you can purchase from the GirlGuiding shop. Those left blank are my own items.

If you would like to access any of my templates for my own created / edited documents that I give to the girls (ie. certificates / workbooks) please email me at and I will happily send them through to you.


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