Ready, Set, Rainbows

Sunday 10th September, aka the Sunday before we go back to Rainbows, the day that all hell breaks loose, the day that I drink so much tea I run out of tea bags…

Well okay, that is just a bit of an over exaggeration. But yes, I spent my Sunday sorting out all the upcoming weeks Rainbows resources because I had no other time to do it.

I started by heading to my local shopping area and getting the supplies that I needed (ie. ink, paper, card, photo frames etc.) dragging my lovely little sister with me to help carry all that was needed. When I returned home I spread my recourses everywhere and got down to it.

Most of my resources were pre-prepared so really just needed printing off. I started with forms from Go each individual Rainbow needed an updated form with all their Go information on to ensure that what we have is correct, each coming with a cover letter explaining why we are doing this! (Total sheets of paper: 51).

Then, we have a total of 4 Rainbows making the move up to Brownies next week, so when they move they complete a Get Ready For Brownies workbook. This prepares them for what to expect when making the move and how their new Brownies unit will be run. (Total sheets of paper: 40). When a Rainbow moves up we also give them a ‘I Was In Rainbows’ certificate in a nice frame for them to keep. (Total sheets of paper: 4).

As for activities, our first meeting back we are focusing on Rainbow Olivias Adventures around Europe, and having our first Rainbow Chat, so the girls can have their say in what they want to do this term. I created out own Rainbow Ideas activity sheets for the girls to write down something they wants to make, bake, see, learn and play this term. (Total sheets of paper: 13).

Now within the first week of Rainbows, we are going on a Cinema Trip to celebrate the 30th Birthday, but we need to give out consent forms to the parents at the beginning of the first meeting back to be handed back in at the end. (Total sheets of paper: 34).

Along with this trip I also need a risk assessment for myself, the other leader and two parent helpers coming along. (Total sheets of paper: 16).

As for normal letters explaining subs, cinema trip meeting times / places, activities planed etc. that explain everything about the upcoming term at Rainbows. Every Rainbow gets one of these. (Total sheets of paper: 17).

As well as this, on Sunday, I also wrote 4 birthday cards, 3 thank you cards, ordered our badges for the term, some new pens and pencils from Baker Ross and a bunch of wrist labels with our Rainbow Unit and my number on for the Rainbows incase they get lost on trips.

No to mention, I also sorted out the accounts from January, created a new system for storing receipts and claiming my money back, I organised the on take for the next few months and created our yearly register.

Fair to say it was a very productive day!

Total pages printed that day: 175


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