First Night Back At Rainbows

I had been excited to go back to Rainbows since the second week of the summer, it’s all fun having a lovely 6 weeks of with no planning, no accounts and most importantly no kids. But after the first week and a half of full relaxation I got bored very quickly and found myself doing everything that I could to get my unit back into order, after taking over last year.

When the night finally came, we arrived early to go through and sort everything that was in the cupboard and throw out any old rubbish that we would not use any more. For what may seem like a horrific task to some, is the peak of excitement for me.


We then went onto putting all of our display board items back up because these had been taken down to make space for our birthday card display. Over the summer I worked really hard to create some lovely display items for our Rainbows to look at in our weekly meetings.


(Please excuse all the little red dots used to protect my Rainbows Faces)

Once all was set up and ready, we set out our Rainbow Circle blanket and awaited the arrival of the Rainbows.



I had the fun job of going down to the parents as the meeting was starting to hand out permission forms for our Cinema Trip and to urge that they needed to be filled in either now (with the pens we provided) or at the end of the meeting. Luckily most had printed their own form from the email I sent and returned that, but others stayed to fill theirs in and the rest returned theirs at the end of the night.

We started our evening with Rainbow Olivias adventures around Europe over the summer (which some loved, and some got bored, you can’t win them all can you). Then we went onto our activity that involved those going to Brownies next week completing their booklets, and the staying Rainbows thinking of all the things they want to do this term.


When those had finished, we formed a lovely conveyor belt of Rainbows to sign 3 thank you cards for the helpers attending the cinema trip and sat then sat the girls down to go through the rules of the trip.

We warned of behaviour, strangers, wandering off, what to do if you’re lost etc. Luckily the trip is organised and run specifically for Rainbows, so there are going to be leaders everywhere. We had a range of questions, from ‘what happens if we need the toilet’ to ‘do we get food while we are there’.

By this time we had 10 minutes to spare before our ever so short hour was up and this time was used to hand out an array of different letters and previous activities to the Rainbows. These were general letters, Pot Of Gold letters, Go forms, 30th Birthday Activities.

We then sung Happy Birthday to one of our Rainbows and that was it! Rainbows was gone for another week.


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