The Rainbows 30th Birthday Cinema Trip

After weeks of running around planning, organising and collecting permission forms, the night had finally arrived for the Rainbows 30th Birthday Cinema Trip. With over 250 Rainbows and 50 Leaders in one cinema, it was bound to be a lot of fun.

I had all my permission forms, contact list, risk assessment, thank you cards and contact information wristbands folded into my new Rainbow backpack (which was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be – but I made do).


My sister was helping with her own unit so we both got ready and headed to New Brighton early and treated ourselves to subway. While doing this we played spot the Rainbow as we new there would be a fair amount of Rainbows around at the time (you got 1 point for a Rainbow and 2 points if you spotted a leader).

thumbnail_IMG_8187Once we has eaten we still had 30 minites to spare before my Rainbows started showing up so we headed around to the front of the cinema to see if we could spot the red carpet, and there it was right out in front with some brilliant 30 helium baloons to go with it.


Now of course I had to take advanage and get my own photo on the red carpet before all our little red people started showing up because once they arrive I would have tunnel vision and red carpet photos would not be in question.


Once all our Rainbows, Leaders and helpers has arrived we did a quick head count and headed to the red carpet ourselves. The girls got some fabulouse photos on the red carpet (which I wish I could show you – but can’t), and they stood there for a good minute all going ‘CHEESE’ while everyone took their photos.

We then headed to sign in and straight up to our allocated screen. Once we arrived at the screen we collected our goodie bags (pop-corn, haribo and a drink) as we walked in and we were lucky enough to grab the last full empty row, which all leaders and Rainbows fit on nicely (I would have said it was perfect seating).

Once sat down a leader and helper did a last minute toilet run before the film started and all but 3 of the Rainbows needed to go! I thought this was a good thing because they wouldn’t need to go once the film started. But boy was I wrong.

No less than 10 minutes into the film, up two girls get coming over to me saying they need the toilet, so up we get and of we go. Luckily the toilet was just outside the screen doors so we didn’t have a long treck to get to and from the bathrooms.

Rainbows are like dominos, once one goes, the rest of them want to go. This happened last night with all units in our screen, leaders were continuously up and down taking their little red ones to the toilets, but I guess it has to be done.

The film was 1 hour and 50 minutes long, so during the last 20 minutes the girls started getting tired and figity knowing that the film was coming to and end, they were bouncing on chairs and messing around, but I guess any child that age would after being sat down for almost 2 hours.

When the film had finally come to a finish, we had a screen full of Rainbows to get out and I decided to let everyone else go first. So we collected in all the rubbish into the bin bags going around and listened to the many mentions of ‘I need the toilet’ while we waited.

Once most of the screen had left we then go up to leave, not before making a toilet stop on the way of course. We thanked all the helpers on the way out and headed for the foyer were all parents were waiting for us. With a couple of thank yous and some goodbyes we left the cinema and headed home for a good nights rest.


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