Brownies Do Blakpool

Last weekend, my Brownies group packed themselves up and headed to Waddow Hall for a fun weekend at Brownies Do Blackpool! This was a fun filled weekend with a day out to Blackpool Zoo, a trip up the Tower and an afternoon in the Circus, as well as a morning full of rope activites, grass sledging and nightline. 20170922_142129890_iOS

Weekends like this are great because the leaders aren’t running around trying to do everything, it’s all organised for us meaning that we can have just as much fun as the girls.

The first night was arrival and after tea the girls were challenged to make the biggest tower they could from mini-marshmellows and spaghetti sticks. (which didn’t work very well). But it was all fun and games, before hot chocolate and off to bed.

The following day we were up and ready for breakfast by 8am, and on the coach and on our way to Blackpool Zoo by 9am.

Blackpool Zoo was fun and different to Chester Zoo (the only other Zoo I have been to) but it was great because we could get more up close and personal with some of the animals, and even go into the enclosures of some of them (even if they did just sleep while we were in there).

1.30pm came, we had raided the Zoo gift shop and we were back onto the coach heading to Blackpool Tower, for a trip up to the ever so high glass floor. After some queuing and a 4D cinema experience, we were in the lift going up and managed to get ALL the girl onto the glass floor (even if it did take some slight encouragement).

With over 200 Brownies in the Tower, we did not get a lot of time on the Tower, and my time was spent trying to get all the girls onto the glass instead of taking some photos. So you will have to take my word on this one.

We then headed down to the circus and found the seating area that was sectioned off specifically for us and we sat only 3 rows from the front. This was the closest I had ever been and I was likely more excited than the girls.


The circus was incredible as always, but what I found more incredible was that our Brownies unit was first to the bathroom on the break and managed to use the 4 cubicles available (to the whole circus) before anyone else could!

By this time it was 6pm and wew were back on the coach heading back to Waddow Hall for dinner and bed. By 8.30pm we had just finished food and t he girls were all very tired and groggy. So we shovelled down desert and headed straight to bed.

The final morning was filled with multiple different activites with different groups, my group of Brownies did Tree Climbing, Grass Sledging and Nightline.

When Tree Climbing we had a lot of Rainbows Nervous and barley getting off the ladder leading up to the tree, but here the adults could get involved so I swung up to the top like a monkey.


We then had 30 minutes to visit the Guide Shop (which ended in me buying 21 badges), this was followed by 30 minutes of outdoor games which was fun for all the leaders and Brownies .

20170924_102052212_iOSFor our final activities the girls took part in nightline (I stood back to take part in this one). There was a lot of shouting, laughing and some ditry knees when it was finished, but all the girls had a great time.


Overall the weekend was brilliant, however I was happy to get a hot bath and relax without the Browneis when I got home!


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