Pot Of Gold Ceremony

Pot of Gold ceremonies never fail to make me nervous, something about having the parents come in and see how we do things in Rainbows makes me concious about what we are doing. (Not that I doubt how things are done).

This term we have 4 girls going up, and I had worked very hard to get their leaving items all sorted, which included: A Leaving Rainbows Certificate, Pot Of Gold Badge and Card, I Was In Rainbows Badge, Ready For Brownies Booklet and their My First Trip Badge.


This term was a first for me, as we have one girl who did not want to go up to Brownies, despite her friends all going up with her. This meant that throughout the ceremony she clung to mum and unfortunatly didn’t go under the Rainbow with her friends.

However, the ceremony went on, the girls ran under our ribbon rainbow to recieve their Pot Of Gold at the end.

20170921_170941982_iOSI was lucky enough to find a sign that has your unit on hidden in the back of the cupboard for when I took over, so one of the girls was lucky enough to hold that for us!

20170921_170931465_iOSFollowing this, the girl who didn’t want to go up to Brownies went up and enjoyed the rest of her evening, and our Brownies got on with our Friends to Aliens badge which included designing our own little aliens and playing Planets.

The week following the girls jumping over the rainbow and into Brownies I was handed a lovely Thank You card from some of the parents!



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