Friends To Aliens Badge #1

I seem to have fallen very far behind on my blog posts recently, with Rainbows, Brownies, Martial Arts, Working Full Time & Work Events the spare time I have had in my calendar has been used to sleep. However, I have found myself a sapre couple of hours which I am now going to use to update the past 3 weeks of meetings.

This half term we decided to do our Friends To Aliens badge because the girls wanted to focus on outer space and planets. We started this badge in our last meeting by designing our own little alien friends and their space ships that they needed to travel around space.

In this weeks meeting, we took a food twist to creating out own spacke rockets and made some fruit kebab rockers for all of the girls to get up into space in.


This was a lot of chopping fruit frantically 30 minutes before the meeting to prevent it from going brown – but we had a lot of fun and enjoyed eating the left over fruite afterwards.


Once our rockets were ready, we then used some of our left over plant pots with googly eyes glued onto them and pipe cleaners to make our own funny haired aliens. Luckily these pots came with 3 holes in the top so the girls could just feed their pipe cleaner through.

We had some very cool and funny looking aliens out of this activity. But for a quickly thrown together activity using what we already had in the cupboard, I think it went extrememly well!





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