Friends To Aliens Badge #2


Now we have had all the fun with Aliens during this badge, it was time to do some of the more spacy activities and get learning. Tonights activities included chalk and black pieces of card!

The first ativitiy the girls were to create their own space scene using all the different coloured chalks, they could add anything that they wanted to it, from aliens, to planets and stars.

I think being able to use chalk got the girls super excited because it was something they have either never done, or not done it a VERY long time!

Following this, we learnt all about star constialations and the different types of stars in the sky! The girls were really interested in knowing how the stars make up images in the sky that have meaning behing them.

Then using sticker stars and chalk we re-created some of the patterns you might be able to see in the sky during the evening.

We had stickers everywhere but I think that was the fun of it! But overall the girls seemed to really enjoy themselves.




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