Friends To Aliens Badge #3

For our final week of Friends To Aliens Activities, I wanted to take the girls into outer space. Unfortunatly it was too expensive to hire an indoor planetarium and our meeting room was just a little too small for that, and I had sadly left it too late to plan an evening trip to our local planetarium. So the Sunday before the meeting I was frantically running around trying to find a way to bring space to our unit meeting room.

Luckily I was able to find a company who could lend us a projector for the evening instead of charging us £60 for one! So we had a range of space photos as well as videos teaching the girls about space and also showing the northern lights etc. in a presentation to project onto the walls during the unit.

But to me that wasn’t enough.

On the Thursday, me and the other leader headed to our unit around 90 minutes before the girs were due to arrive. We proceeded to cover up as many windows as we could with black card to block out as much natual light as possible, but due to the high ceilings we couldn’t cover much.


We then set up the projector and got it onto the right location so we could cover up all the wiring with tape.


Once this was set up, I headed gor one of the room walls to stick up our printed solar system, and the other leader put together our floor padding for the girls to sit on for the 40 minutes they would be sat on the floor.

Once inside the room was all ready and put together, we then headed for the door, which we crated out ‘vortex’ for the girls to go through when getting into space. This was a black strips of tissue paper hanging down over the door entrance. We also had fairy lights around the door frame and along the banister near the door which displayed as stars.

IMG_8473Once that was all set up we were ready. Luckily we have another meeting hall downstairs that is unused which we took the girls into first and explained the idea of the evening that we were going into space.

It was just getting dark by the time we took the girls up into space, so the fiary lights had their effect and inside the hall was close to being dark so they could see the projection.

Upon entranc to the room we were followed by a lot of ‘wows’ and ‘awhs’ and ‘ahhs’ – it sounded very similar to bonfire night. But we sat the girls down and started the presentation, asking them questions along the way to get them thinking about space.

We showed some kids learning videos about the solar system and stars! Which they were very intreaugued by!

As well as this we also played videos of what earth looks like from the space station as well as a time lapse of the nother lights (which seemed to be the favourite part of the night).


With a lot of planning before hand and some quick setting up we managed to take the girls into space for 40 minutes and then present them with their Friends To Aliens badges when they landed back down on earth.

A great night enjoyed by all.


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