Bonfire Night

This term we really took advantage of some of the holidays that we had. Now I know Bonfire Night isn’t a holiday, but in all honesty I have no idea what to call it!

As Rainbows, I didn’t want to take them to a bonfire as my group can be a little to excitible sometimes and I feel it would have been too dangerous. Also it was raining on the night we met so that would have put a bummer on it anyway. So I decided we should bring the bofire inside.

Using a lot of fairy lights and some red / orange crepe paper we managed to bring a bonfire indoors. All the girls were given 2 marshmellows each which could be ‘roasted’ over the fire. We spent this time discussing what we had all done over the half term, and some talk about Harry Potter also came up!

We then went onto make some edible sparklers, which the girls loved because anything to do with food and they are in. However one flaw was that we used chocolate spread, sprinkles and breadsticks, and the breadsticks were not strong enough to hold it’s shape when the girls rolled it around in the chocolate spread. But we had plenty of sticks to that was not an issue.


The final thing we did was create our own firework display using something I saw on a GirlGuiding Facebook Group which was tieing together 6 straws to create a star effect and use them to dip into paint and stamp on the page.

I was very suppries as to how many girls wanted to take their stamper home…

But that is Rainbwos for you!


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