Where on earth has time gone, it seems like the past two months have gone by without me even noticing, meaning I have falled in loved with some of the hobbies I love doing most such as reading, writing and running. But that is what happens around Christmas, everything goes into panic mode and stress sets in.

However, I have now finished work until the New Year, both my Brownies and Rainbows groups are finished meaning GirlGuiding can go out the window until the New Year and my Martial Arts classes have finished. So I have all this free time and the first thing I am doing is catching up on all the exciting blog posts I have missed.

So, let’s go back to halloween, the one night of the year that I have a love hate relationship with. With my new Rainbows unit I am not aware if there are any set ‘rules’ to celebrating halloween, and we have a couple of Rainbows who are Christian, so again not sure on their family rules on the holiday so I always have to tiptoe around the day.

This year, we only had a small fraction of our Rainbows show up. Which was a bummere because I had bought enough crafts for 16 Rainbows and only 7 of them turned up. But we had fun anyway!

We created some ‘spooky crafts’ this halloween which included paper lanterns with electric tea lights in the middle to look like a burning flame. These took a little bit of time and some help from the leaders, but we got them finished at the end and the outcome was great.

The first especially loved spending a good 15 minutes in the dark waving their lanterns around and squealing.

We also created some funky fridge magnets for the girls to take home. This was simple and complete within minutes was it was just sticky back foam.


Overall the night was a success, and we had no complaints from parents or members of the church about us completing halloween crafts. Let’s hope it all goes as smoothly next year.


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