Snow Challenge Badge #1

Choosing the challenge badge for this term was a lot tricker than I thought, with the run up to Christmas I wanted to do something festive and fun, but not 100% Christmas themed as we have two girls that don’t celebrate Christmas at all.

So when I found the Snow Challenge Badge, I was thrilled.

The first night we allows the girls to get creative and make their own snow themed scenes using cotton wool, felt pens and any confetti pieces they wanted. This took up a lot of the evening as the girls spend a while working on their imaged.

We also played some snow themed games that came in the pack.

Another part of the pack is that we donate to a food bank, and this was a great way to get the girls giving this Christmas and understand why they are giving. So we spent some time discussing why we donate to a foodbank and what types of food the girls could donate.

This sparked a lot of questions such as ‘can we donate toys’ and ‘can we donate vodka’ which I was very shocked to hear. But we quickly cut those off before we got ourselved into a deeper situation.


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