Snow Challenge Badge #2

This week, when completing our snow challenge badge, we were challenged with creating bird feeders. Now I had seen a lot of people doing this on facebook, so I first though of doing it with lard and bird seed, but I knew my Rainbows wouldn’t go near the stuff and it would likely create more bad that good. Then I saw people rolling toilet roll holders in peanut butter and seads, but unfortunatly we have a nut allergy, so that went out of the window.

Finally I found the simple solution of pipe cleaners with cherios threaded onto them tied in a little circle with some string on for the girls to hang outside. This went down a TREAT. Although we had a lot of the cherios go in mouths whilst the Rainbows thought I wasn’t looking, we had plenty of cherios and the girls had a great time.


As we were coming into December and Christmas was upon up, a lot of the girls told us how they were putting their Christmas Decorations up, so we finished the evening decorating some snow flakes to go on Christmas Trees.

I don’t know what came over my girls this evening, but they all wanted to be very kind and helpful to the other Rainbows to help get their snowflakes finished before the end of the meeting. (I think maybe it was the opportunity to win a sticker at the end of the meeting – which works great for behaviour).


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