Foodbank Visit

One of the main activities in our Snow Challenge Badge was to make a donation to a local foodbank to help those who need it most over the festive period. If I am being honest this is one of the reasons why I picked this badge as it allows the girls to get a better understanding of helping people less fortunate of them.

Throughout the half term, the Rainbows had been bringing in multiple items of food for us to donate as a unit to the foodbank. Luckily we were able to store all these in the hall as they were non-perishables so we knew they wouldn’t go off.

Taking this one step further, I decided to get in touch with our local foodbak manager and see if there was an upportunity for the Rainbow to tour the Foodbak Warehouse, or if there was someone available to visit the unit and talk more about what happens to the food once it had been donated.

The manager was kind enough to open the Foodbank Warehouse for us one night and give us a tour around the unit. This was great for the girls as it allowed them to see what happens to food when it is donated and where it goes and how it is donated.


The manager Richard, was great to the girls and kept them all entertained throughout the evening. They answered different questions like ‘What is the most popular food we have donated?’ Beans of course! And also got the ask questions of their own.

We also figured out that the average amount of food donated to this one foodbank alone each year was the equivelent weight to 200,000 Rainbows!

Richard was even nice enough to play a game with the girls. In on of the larger storage rooms the different items in the crates were labelled and (without running) the Rainbows had to go and find the item that Richard wanted.


We had a lot of giggles and a lot of scurrying around. But it was a great evening for everyone and I hope that the Rainbows learned some of the key facts about a foodbank.


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