Snow Challenge Badge #4

With the foodbank visit still (hopefully) fresh on our mind, we used this week to create some thank you cards to send back to Richard at the foodbank for letting us visit. The girls got their creative hats on and got drawing their cards.

We then continues with our snow / chrismtas theme and created some Snowmen decorations. For some reason the girls love these sorts of things, being able to just peel the backing off and stick their decoration onto some foam is some how exciting. But oh well, that makes things easier for me!

Tonight was the last night for the Rainbows to make their donations to the foodbank, so we decided to get all their donation out and place them onto a table and see how much had been donated. This donation below was made by 12 Rainbows and 4 Leaders. thumbnail_IMG_9752

I couldn’t be more prouder of my girls for making such a great donation to our Local Foodbank. They all recieved Rainbow Well Done Badges to celebrate the donations that they made.



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