Last Meeting Before Christmas

Our last Rainbow meeting before Christmas is always touch and go, we have Disco’s, Schools Plays, Parties and all sorts of things that run over our meetings on a Thursday so we only have a handful of girls turn up. However we go ahead anyway.

This year I wanted to make this meeting really fun for the girls and so something different with games all night.


Firstly we played ‘Dress The Leader’ with two team of 3 girls and a dice each, the Rainbow had to roll a 6 before she could place one of the winter items onto the leader. This could be gloves, a hat, scarf, jumper. This caused some manic with the girls shouting when they didn’t get a 6 and screaming when they did hurling towards a leader with something to put on them.

Next on the list was ‘Snowman The Leader’. Each team had 6 rolls of toilet paper and they had a certain amount of time to make their leader look like a snowman by wrapping them up in as much toilet paper as possible.

This was funny to watch as the toilet paper kept ripping and uncoiling. We had toilet paper all over the room and rolls going all over the place, unraveling as they did. However the team with the best snowman at the end won.

We saved the best game until last. A newspaper snowball fight. I spent my afternoon creating 100 snowballs for the Rainbows to use against eachother in a snowball fight. The rules of the game we simple, leaders could get involved (why should we have to miss out on all the fun), each team couldn’t pass the centre line, no throwing about chest height.

This went down a storm, with Rainbows and leaders squealing all over the place trying to hit as many different people as possible. For some reasong all the Rainbows aimed for me (was this some sort of payback?) but I spent a good 5 minutes trying to dodge as many snowball as I could.

Once each and every one of us was too tired to continue, we decided to get a unit photo with all the snowball we created. So the challenge was for every Rainbow to pick up as many snowballs as they could (the leaders helped pile them into their hands). We then lined up agianst our wall and on the count of 1..2..3..


Merry Christmas Everyone!!


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