Pantomime Trip | Peter Pan

To kick off the New Year, the Rainbows went to the Pantomime to see Peter Pan as a County Planned Event. We were lucky enough to be sat only 5 rows back from the stage so got to watch  the show up close.


The Rainbows enjoyed the show, apart from when the Pirate came out with water guns to spray the audience. Here half the Rainbows hid under the chairs in terror, and the other half were screaming to be soaked by this water gun – they’re a weird lot.

Luckily during the break we managed to get to the toilets before the rush which meant we could spend the rest of the interval eating our ice-cream before the show started again.

Towards the end the Pirates had all the adults up dancing for the kids to judge, I got a thumbs down from my Rainbows (even though I think I was the best one there).

But once the show was finished we headed out to what was manic as 5 different units tried to ensure that their children went to the correct parents. So we waited until last minute and found a nice space to wait for the parents without getting too much in the way.



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