Fire Safety Badge #1

Tonight we had 6 new Rainbows join our unit, with us taking on no Rainbows last term and 4 going ups to Brownies this term, it mean that we had space for a large number of new Rainbows (which was great for getting my waiting list down).

At first I was worried because with such a large number joining they may not know anyone in the unit, so I planned to buddy them up with an existing Rainbow to get them involved in activities.

However luckily when the first two new Rainbows turned up they new each other, and so did the third. (Easy enough, three new Rainbows sorted). Then the fourth turned up who knew an existing Rainbows, so did the fifth and sixth. So nothing left for me to sort, they all got on with each other and no one was on their own. WIN!

We started by introducing ourselved and explaing what Rainbows do, some of the girls said; earn badges, go on trips, do crafts, play games.

We then went onto explaining our badge for this half term and how we plan to complete a fire drill next week at the unit. Some of the girls got excited, some didn’t like the idea of a loud noise. However the Rainbows have a secret fun escape to get out of the building and when we went to have a look it calmed some of t he Rainbows nerves.

After we had given the Rainbows this information we proceded to create our own emergency escape plan from the hall for if the fire alarm went off.


After this we challenged the girls to a Fire Safety Scavenger Hunt, where in their team they had to find as Fire Safety related items on the list as possible.

This was loved by all as the girls got the full roam of our meeting place due to us being the only ones in there. We had a leader in each designated area to ensure they Rainbows were calm. This was followed by a lot of shouting and running around like mad ladies, but there was a lot of giggling in there as well.

As a unit we managed to find all of the items and even count how many of specific items we had (13 fire doors).

Lastly we let the older Rainbows teach the new Rainbows our moving up song so that they were ready for next weeks moving up ceremony.

Alltogether it was a vey fun but hectic night. But to make things better, our young leader was greated by her new puppy at the end of the meeting. Which absolutely melted my heart. It was heard to make sure al lthe Rainbows got out to their parents whilst there is the cutest little ball of fluff just to your left.

We got rid of all the Rainbows and I had the best cuddle session with Tilly the puppy so kissed my chin and snuggled in to my shoulder and basically just broke me heart. Best end to a meeting ever.


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