Chinese New Year

With the Fire Safety challenge badge only taking us a few weeks to complete, we needed something to fill the last session of the meeting. Luckily this fell just before the start of Chinese New Year, and with a badge that could be completed in the evening, who doesn’t want to celebrate.

The evening started with a visit from our Young Leaders New Puppy who was dressed appropriatly in red for Celebrating the Chinese New Year. After a couple of cuddles and kisses from myself, we placed her down onto the floor where she was swarmed by Rainbow cuddled. After a couple of minutes we broke up the group and found the puppy comfy on her back taking in all the attention.


So to get doing with the evening, we started by making Chinese fans by decorating half a paper plase and some felt pens. We then stuck lolipop sticks onto the card for the Rainbows to use as fans.


We then went onto finding out what our Animal was and what that meant. I was an OX, but the Rainbows were Rabbits and Dragons. They loved finding out what their animal meant and making the noise of their animal.

Moving on we then wrote our initials in chinese writing which we then stuck onto red card for decoration.


Our evening was finished with chopstick relays where the girls had to eat a handful of marshmellows using chopsticks. This was easy for some and you others just grabbed one chopstick and stabbed the marshmellow to eat it. Either was it was fun and the girls got to eat some marshmellows in the process.

At the end othe night we handed the Rainbows their badges in traditional red envelopes as well as giving them another pair of chopsticks to take home, and a fortune cookie for them to eat when they left. IMG_0507


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