Fire Safety Badge #2

Tonight ou new Rainbows joined our current Rainbows to say a farewell to the Rainbows moving up to Brownies. We had 21 Rainbows in one room as well as 8 parents and 4 leaders, so for our tiny little hall it felt crammed.


However with a swift mving up ceremoney and a final farewell to the now new Brownies we were ready to continue on with our Fire Safety Badge.

The first activity we completed tonight was partaking in a fire drill. The Rainbows had not done one of these in a while and in the year and a half I have been in the unit, I had never completed on with them. So it was a new experience for everyone.

A lot of our Rainbows don’t like loud noises and got a little worries when we mentioned the drill the previous week, however using our skills, we calmed the girls by showing them our ‘cool’ and ‘unique’ was of getting out of the room, which involved going down a hidden emergency exit that led us downstairs and outside.

Once the drill was complete, we had our registers marked and were back in the unit, we went onto prep for our adventure out of the meeting place next week which was to the fire station. As all the Rainbows would be becoming fire women for the evening, they needed the appropriate wear to be able to do their job. This included hats.

So useing paper plates and red paint, the Rainbows went onto create their own fire womens hats.


Then with only a small part of the meeting left, we played one of the firemans games provided in the pack which taught the girls the different things to do when there is a fire (Calling 999, finding an emergency exit, stop, drop and rolling). This was loads of fun for the girls, especially when we shouted panic and they got to run around the hall screaming and waving their hands.


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