Fire Safety Badge #3

The first trip I ever took with this Rainbow group was in 2016 and it was to the Fire Station, I was thrown into the deep end, had very little idea what I was doing and didn’t know the girls very well so I didn’t enjoy much of the evening.

However now 18 months later, my second visit to the first station was much more relaxed and fun.


The Rainbows got to lern all about what is inside a fire engine and how it can help people in a crisis. They were also kind enough to let some of the Rainbows try on the unifroms including helmets, shoes and the full set of clothes. This was great fun and the group found it hiliarous.

Then, the engine was reversed outside of the building with the lights on and horn sounding, this made a lot of girls cover their ears, but they still loved it. Even to the leaders it was very loud.


Then for the fun part, the Rainbows got the chance to fire an actual hose out into the car park. I think this was the part the Rainbows and Leaders were all looking forward to the most as there had been whisper (started by the Leaders of course) that you get to fire a water hose.

The firement were so lovely and great with the girls, we even had one fireman questioning everything about Rainbows and what they did, so we showed him some of the girls badges and he asked them some questions as he has a little Rainbow in the making.

Overall the evening was a success and a really enjoyed night by all the Rainbows and Leaders.


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