Unit Blanket

In a few of my posts I have mentioned that the Rainbows have a unit blanket. This is a large circle blanket that we sit around at the begining and end of the meeting when talking, giving out letters, and getting things together.

Not only goes it help the girls sit in a nice circle it also allows us to display the badges we have gained as a unit! We add on all the badges that we complete as a unit or in smaller groups. For example if we do a challenge or roundabout badge and all the girls get one, then the badge will go onto the blanket as well as be given to the girls. However if we go on a trip and only a small amount of children go, we will also sew a spare badge onto the blanket as this is something that has been done in the unit.

Out blanket is currently small and has only a handful of badges on it. However it will continue to grow over the years in the unit.

At the end of every term I will be uploading new photos of the blanket so everyone can see it grow.

Summer 2017 – Overall Blanket
Summer 2017 – Center
Summer 2017 – Previours Badges
Summer 2017 – 30th Birthday Badges